Analisis Penggunaan Resistance Sebagai Peredam Arus Kejut Aki 12V Pada Battery Management System(BMS)

Electric Vehicle

  • rizki alhidayat Politeknik Negeri Sriwijaya
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Keywords: Electric Vehicle, Battery management system(BMS)


The development of electric car technology is currently increasing a lot of progress. This
represents an electric car is one alternative to future vehicles using battery energy to move it. But now
there are many weaknesses in special electric cars in Indonesia. One of them is battery charging that can
be said to be ineffective. When the battery in this electric car consists of 4 12V batteries, which are
equipped with 48V in the charging process. The type of battery used is Battery Sealed Lead Acid where
the battery is a sulfuric acid electrolyte rechargeable battery that cannot be stacked because this battery
can be coagulated (thickened). In this system a boost converter is used to stabilize the voltage from the
PLN that will enter through the charger. Then in menitoring the charger, there needs to be an Internet
system Object or an abbreviation of IoT for convenience whether the battery is full or not. And for the
microcontroller used is ESP32. In addition to this the IoT system can also calculate the efficiency of the
charger for each charging. Related cell phone owners can monitor the battery via a smartphone or laptop
connected to the internet.


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