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In line with the fourth pillar in building a democratic state and society, press freedom is an absolute must. This study aims to measure the extent to which the implementation of press freedom materialized during Joko Widodo's leadership. Researchers used a qualitative approach with descriptive methods and processed data based on literature study. The analysis shows that during the Joko Widodo administration period, the ban on press freedom in Indonesia could still be felt. Looking at the facts that the oligopoly practice of media ownership is still being carried out and the massive government efforts to interfere with press affairs such as reviving the buzzer industry and acts of violence against journalists, press freedom has not really been felt even though the current conditions can be said to be better than before the reform era.</em></p> <p><em>&nbsp;</em></p> Faesal Mubarok Copyright (c) 2021 Translitera : Jurnal Kajian Komunikasi dan Studi Media 2021-09-25 2021-09-25 10 2 1 13 10.35457/translitera.v10i2.1332 Stereotip Gender di Media: Representasi Atlet Angkat Besi Perempuan pada Drama Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo <p>Gender stereotype being the important problem if it causes discrimination againts stereotyped objects, both men and women. Gender stereotype cannot be separated by the culture that constructed the stereotypes themselves, such as women stereotype. Stereotype attached to women that are women identic with beauty, gentle, cowardly, and suitable work at home or as household. Movie or drama as the one of mass communication which have role on build public opinion. Therefore, media have the important role to manage the public opinion on women stereotype. The goal of this research to analysis how the women stereotype which is represented by female weightlifter in drama “Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo”. The method of this research used qualitative method and used semiotic approach to analyze the meaning of the picture in each scene in the drama. To collect the data researcher used documentation from scene in the drama and used literature review to sanction the research data. the result of this research showed that through the representation of female weightlifters in the drama “Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bo Joo” brought up the stereotype that women had the side of courage, cannot be underestimate, ambitious, and can work in male shutter.</p> Lailatur Copyright (c) 2021 Translitera : Jurnal Kajian Komunikasi dan Studi Media 2021-09-25 2021-09-25 10 2 14 26 10.35457/translitera.v10i2.1336 Understanding The Double Burden of Women In The Midst of A Pandemic <p><em>Women who work as female workers from the start have already borne a double burden in their families. Apart from being given the task of carrying out domestic duties even though they are physically not at home, on the other hand they have to work to help meet their household needs. This condition continues even though these former TKWs have returned home. There are many ways that these former TKWs can continue to help make a living, especially during a pandemic where many husbands have lost their source of income. The method used is a type of qualitative research by taking data through in-depth interviews and observations. The resource persons were former women TKW who were also members of the Muslimat NU. The interviews were conducted to find out whether they understood the double burden that she had to do and how these former women TKW received their double burden. The conclusions obtained from this study were former women. These migrant workers in the midst of a pandemic are experiencing extraordinary problems. Most of them choose only as side workers, namely "oncek" melinjo on the grounds that they can be done from home while still supervising their children. This is where NU Muslims as one of the social organizations in Indonesia also attend and provide provisions for these women to understand the double burden they receive. , especially their provision in the field of faith so that they are physically and mentally ready to carry out this mandate.</em></p> Laily Purnawati Copyright (c) 2021 Translitera : Jurnal Kajian Komunikasi dan Studi Media 2021-09-25 2021-09-25 10 2 27 36 10.35457/translitera.v10i2.1702 North Buton Regional Government Communication Planning in Development <p><em>In terms of infrastructure, North Buton District does not yet have adequate communication facilities. This is an obstacle in carrying out the development of North Buton, which incidentally is a means of supporting the development of North Buton Regency as a whole in the future. Therefore, effective communication is needed, namely by planning communication. How the local government can further analyze and study the objective conditions of the community. This research was conducted at the Regional Secretariat of North Buton Regency which is an institution that extends the hands of the Regional Government in the field of government administration and regional development, including aspects of the communication planning carried out. The technique of determining informants is by purposive sampling, namely the determination of informants intentionally. The selected informants were 6 informants. Efforts to obtain relevant data are carried out using in depth interviews for data collection with predetermined informants. The theory used in this research is the theory of communication planning. The results of this study are that communication planning in development by the North Buton Regional Secretariat is marked by the implementation of communication planning stages that support the smooth running of development through persuasive and informative messages.</em></p> Syahruddin Mardiana Paramitha Purwita Sari Copyright (c) 2021 Translitera : Jurnal Kajian Komunikasi dan Studi Media 2021-09-25 2021-09-25 10 2 37 43 10.35457/translitera.v10i2.1352 Virtual Ethnography of Satire Critique to YouTube's Got Talent Video on the Skinnyindonesian24 Channel <p><em>The declining quality of YouTube content created by content creators in Indonesia has received satirical criticism by Skinnyindonesian24 by viewing three video series entitled YouTube's Got Talent. This study aims to analyze the types of satire criticism on the three videos and explore the pros and cons of the quality of satire criticism from Skinnyindonesian24 subscribers. This qualitative research uses a virtual ethnographic approach by virtually interviewing five informants, namely Fadlilah Nur Ramdani or @fdlh.rmdn, Ilham Pratama Rysan or @ilhampratamar, Salsabila Hanifah or @chacash, Wahyu Zulfi or @wahyuss, and Aisyah Ramadhani or @aisyahajagt. In addition, the researchers were involved in a participatory virtual chat through the comment’s column on the Skinnyindonesian24 Youtube account. The satire content on Youtube's Got Talent video shows that YouTube's program culture is like a TV show that contains 'gimmicks' and 'settings' that deceive the audience for the benefit of the content creators. YouTube has experienced the stereotype of content creators with beautiful faces and beautiful bodies. YouTube viewers are more interested in content that is not important but fun, content with dramatic effects, or sexual things. This study concludes that the satire criticism in Youtube's Got Talent video follows the current conditions of the YouTube world in Indonesia. Skinnyindonesian24 provides education to YouTube content creators in Indonesia to create more quality content and not just achieve the number of viewers and subscribers.</em></p> Razanah Mutiara Rysan Syifa Syarifah Alamiyah Dyva Claretta Zainal Abidin Achmad Copyright (c) 2021 Translitera : Jurnal Kajian Komunikasi dan Studi Media 2021-09-25 2021-09-25 10 2 44 60 10.35457/translitera.v10i2.1594 Makna Keris Jawa dan Upaya Pelestariannya Dalam Perspektif Sosiologi : Studi pada Paguyuban Tosan Aji Panji Patria <p>Keris is a cultural product that holds a million mysteries to be guarded and preserved,&nbsp; keris has been recognized by UNESCO, every Friday Legi the Blitar community gathers there is a keris exhibition at (PIPP) Blitar. The aims of this study are: (1) to identify and analyze the meaning of Keris Jawa in a sociological perspektive, (2) to identify and analyze conservation efforts it, (3) to identify and analyze the supporting and inhibiting factors in the conservation of&nbsp; it: a study of the Tosan Aji Panji Patria community. The research method uses qualitative research. The results of the study: (1) The meaning of Keris Jawa ; (a) Keris as accessories for ceremonial clothing during cultural ritual ceremonies, (b) Keris as a souvenir, (c) Keris has meaning high philosophy, namely about faith in God and procedures for holding, opening, and inserting a keris, (e) learning about metal, copper, steel and meteors as well as iron science, (2) Efforts to preserve Keris Jawa: (a) routine activities every Friday Legi, namely the keris exhibition, (b) socialization of keris as artistic and cultural value at discussion events (c) the joint commitment of the government and the community to preserve it, (3) Supporting factors in the effort to preserve Keris Jawa: ( a) The Blitar Government supports and facilitates Keris exhibition at PPIP, (b) the enthusiasm of the community is very high at every Keris exhibition event, while Covid-19 pandemic, activities in limit.</p> Novi Catur Muspita Fandi Sudiasmo Fandu Dyangga Pradeta Copyright (c) 2021 Translitera : Jurnal Kajian Komunikasi dan Studi Media 2021-09-25 2021-09-25 10 2 61 71 10.35457/translitera.v10i2.1727 Perception Analysis Korean culture in Shopee's E-commerce Advertisements on “Beautiful Date” 12.12 1.1 and 2.2 <p><em>This </em><em>research</em><em> aims to determine how </em><em>teenager’s</em><em> perceive Korean cultural appearance </em><em>presented</em><em> by Korean Idol Stray Kids on Shopee's E-commerce advertisement on 12.12 1.1 and 2.2. This </em><em>research</em><em> uses a qualitative method, where the researcher tries to provide an overview of a group or </em><em>phenomenon</em><em> that are happening in society. Collecting data in this study using interview / interview techniques. Researchers try to get research data in the field. The results of this </em><em>research</em><em> show how teenager</em><em>’</em><em>s perceptions of Korean Cultural Appearance </em><em>presented</em><em> by Korean Idol Stray Kids on Shopee's E-commerce advertisement on 12.12 1.1 and 2.2. The results of t</em><em>eenager’s</em><em> perceptions </em><em>are</em><em> various and measured from different points of view. The </em><em>appearance</em><em> of Korean culture </em><em>presented</em><em> by Korean Idol Stray Kids in Shopee's E-commerce advertisement on 12.12 1.1 and 2.2 was less influential for a group of teenager</em><em>’</em><em>s because some informants said that discount were more </em><em>interesting</em><em> than the Brand Ambassador used by Shopee.</em></p> Ririn Puspita Tutiasri Maulidya Rahmatika Aulia Arfianti Valerina Alfi Nabila Dafa Purwa Copyright (c) 2021 Translitera : Jurnal Kajian Komunikasi dan Studi Media 2021-09-25 2021-09-25 10 2 72 81 10.35457/translitera.v10i2.1398 The Influence of The Leadership Style of The Head of RT on Community Participation In Maintaining Environmental Security During The Covid-19 Pandemic (Case Study in RT 31 RW 08 Dusun Tegalrejo, Pagerwojo Village, Kesamben District, Blitar) <p><em>Leadership style is one of a few achievement components of an association in accomplishing hierarchical objectives. RT is the most minimal association at the public authority level. Developing people group interest requires an initiative style that is proper to the area so objectives can be accomplished. This review means to decide if there is an effect on the initiative style of the RT director on local area interest in keeping up with natural security during the Covid-19 pandemic. </em><em>The populace utilized by analysts is 106 individuals with an example of 84 respondents acquired utilizing the Slovin equation. Then, at that point the methodology utilized is quantitative examination. While the strategy for gathering information utilized a poll approach, then, at that point preparing it with SPSS 18.0 adaptation. Information examination with instrument test, old style supposition test, heteroscedasticity test, and theory testing. From testing and information examination, it is realized that the importance esteem is 0.031 &lt;0.05 so Ho is dismissed and Ha is acknowledged, implying that initiative style impacts local area investment.</em></p> Sutowo Nuryanti Hery Basuki Copyright (c) 2021 Translitera : Jurnal Kajian Komunikasi dan Studi Media 2021-09-25 2021-09-25 10 2 82 90 10.35457/translitera.v10i2.1729 The The Influence of Product Attributes, Brand Image, and Lifestyle on Xiaomi Smartphone Purchase Decision (Quantitative Study on Balitar Islamic University Students) <p><em>Product attribute and brand image are a unity that builds the strength of a product. One of the considerations of consumers in choosing a product is the quality offered. In addition, consumer lifestyles are also a factor in purchase decision. This study aims to determine the influence of product attributes, brand image, and lifestyle on Xiaomi smartphone purchase decisions on Universitas Islam Balitar students. The research method used was a survey with a quantitative research approach. The sampling technique used was purposive sampling. Data collection was carried out by distributing questionnaires to Universitas Islam Balitar students who use Xiaomi smartphones. The data analysis technique used is the t test (partial) and multiple linear regression analysis to 100 respondents. Based on the results of partial tests conducted, it is known that the product and lifestyle attributes partially have a significant influence on the purchase decision variable, while the brand image variable does not significantly influence the purchase decision variable. The better product attributes and product innovations offered, Xiaomi will be able to embrace all walks of life with different lifestyles so that will affect the level of consumer purchase decision.</em></p> Novita Putri Diantanti Aqidatul Izah Copyright (c) 2021 Translitera : Jurnal Kajian Komunikasi dan Studi Media 2021-09-25 2021-09-25 10 2 91 98 10.35457/translitera.v10i2.1681 Political Communication: The Battle Between The Interests of The Central Government and Regional Government in Dealing with Covid-19 <p><em>The covid-19 pandemic finally conquered most of the world's countries. It is uncertain when this pandemic will end. So, it raises public concern as a result of this situation. In addition, the government needs special attention in addressing the covid-19 outbreak of the plague. This article analyzed government political communications in the case of covid-19. The research methods used are qualitative methods using literary studies and reflect classic communication theories. The study was to learn the political communication between the local government and the central government in dealing with the covid-19 pandemic. There is a custom-centered, mentor-relationship disc in responding to this worldwide problem. In today's situation the role of government is critical to address it. In reality, though, governments are not prepared to deal with this. Miscommunication between local and central governments is often found and there is a overlap in policy and a mix of information that would then generate public distrust of the government. The study has concluded that poor government political communications and intergovernmental and inter-governmental relations related to covid-19 management in Indonesia. This requires improving the government's political communications to prevent public uproar.</em></p> Nadia Febiana Copyright (c) 2021 Translitera : Jurnal Kajian Komunikasi dan Studi Media 2021-09-25 2021-09-25 10 2 99 111 10.35457/translitera.v10i2.1333 The Effect of Brand Image, Product Quality, and Price on Purchase Decisions Telkomsel Internet Package <p><em>This study aimed to determine the effect of brand image, product quality, and price on the decision to purchase Telkomsel internet packages among students of The Faculty of Social and Political Sciences, Islamic University of Balitar partially and smultaneously. This research used quantitative research with descriptive method. There were three variables, namely brand image, product and price and the independent variable is the purchase decision variable. The sampling technique used saturated sampling with a population of consumers who bought Telkomsel cards as many as 96 students. The data collection technique used a questionnaire which tested using SPSS 18.0 application with multiple linier regression analysis techniques. Based on the results of the study, it shows that (1) brand image was effected significantly on the decisions of purchasing Telkomsel internet packages partially, (2) product quality was effected significantly on the decisions of purchasing Telkomsel internet packages partially, (3) price was effected significantly on the purchasing decisions for Telkomsel internet packages partially, (4) brand image, product quality and price were effected significantly on the decision of purchasing Telkomsel internet packages simultaneously.</em></p> Riska Nindia Sari Anwar Hakim Darajat Copyright (c) 2021 Translitera : Jurnal Kajian Komunikasi dan Studi Media 2021-09-25 2021-09-25 10 2 112 123 10.35457/translitera.v10i2.1730 The Effect of Capital and Length of Business to the Sellers’ Income of Online Shop (Case Study of FISIP UNISBA Blitar Students) <p>Today most of business people move to develop their business through online. This opens up opportunities to create incentives for business people. Social media include Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, Line and others. With this application, it really helps the progress of online business. The various facilities presented by the online media work wonders in the web client environment. Because it inspires everyone to become a successful online store financial expert using a smartphone for online store business advisor. The research target is to determine the effect of capital and length of business on fees earned by merchants in online stores. This type of research is survey research, using a quantitative methodology. Respondents in the study were students of online merchants FISIP UNISBA with 52 samples. The instrument used is a partial test called the T test and the F test (significance level 0.05). Measurement of the level of influence of variables using multiple linear regression and coefficient of determination using SPSS 18 program. The results of the study using the partial test (T) showed that capital had a direct and constructive effect on payments with a critical degree of 0.010 &lt; 0.05. The length of work to get a large degree of results, namely 0.022 &lt; 0.05. Judging from the simultaneous test (F) shows a critical degree of 0.004 &lt;0.05. That is, the variables of capital and length of business have a positive and large effect on salaries and then increase, causing an increase in the salaries of online shop merchants.</p> Muhammad Nasyirudin Dandhy Novriharyaji Muhammad Halim Fawazi Copyright (c) 2021 Translitera : Jurnal Kajian Komunikasi dan Studi Media 2021-09-25 2021-09-25 10 2 124 133 10.35457/translitera.v10i2.1731