Translitera : Jurnal Kajian Komunikasi dan Studi Media 2023-04-13T08:25:28+00:00 Editor jurnal TRANSLITERA Open Journal Systems <p><strong>Jurnal TRANSLITERA</strong> memuat artikel hasil penelitian dan kajian kritis bidang komunikasi dan media mengenai ilmu-ilmu sosial dan politik, humaniora, komunikasi, media dan terapannya.</p> Polri Crisis Communication: Polri Image Repair Strategy in Kanjuruhan Tragedy 2023-03-03T16:53:38+00:00 Yogie Alwaton <p><em>This study aims to analyze Polri's image repair strategy in the Kanjuruhan Tragedy. Many parties regretted this incident, so that there was a mutual shift of responsibility, including the assumption that the police were deemed guilty for violating FIFA rules regarding tear gas shooting. Of course, as a result of this incident the image of the police is at stake and image restoration is needed. By using the qualitative content analysis method through texts published by for the period 1 October - 1 November 2022, it was found that the Polri focused on restoring image by using many strategies such as simple denial, provocation, defeasibility, good intention, bolstering, compensation and corrective actions. However, the results also show that there is inconsistency and neglect of the apology or mortification strategy by the National Police. In fact, this strategy is needed when an organization is hit by a crisis.</em></p> 2023-03-03T15:11:56+00:00 Copyright (c) 2023 Translitera : Jurnal Kajian Komunikasi dan Studi Media Analisis Resepsi Edukasi Keuangan dalam Akun Tik Tok @Raymondchins 2023-03-04T09:57:25+00:00 Akhsan Hidayat Akhmad Rifai Suryani Musi <p>Memasuki zaman modern seperti sekarang ini manusia sudah tidak bisa lepas dari sosial media. <em>Platform</em> tik tok berasal dari negeri Tiongkok September 2016 oleh Zhang Yiming. Dalam pembelajaran sendiri terdapat 5 pokok yang penting yaitu pendidik, peserta didik, materi pembelajaran, media pembelajaran, dan tujuan pembelajaran. Akun tik tok @raymondchins, akun ini merupakan akun yang memiliki pengikut sebanyak 740.0 ribu pengikut dengan jumlah suka 17.0 juta, akun tik tok ini berfokus pada pemberian pemahaman bagi khalayak masyarakat pengguna tik tok atau yang yang ingin belajar tentang investasi dan keuangan. Dalam peneliti kali ini, peneliti memilih 6 sampel video tik tok dan juga 6 narasumber dari mahasiswa asal Sulawesi Selatan yang berkuliah di Yogyakarta. Analisis kali ini digunakan adalah analisis resepsi dengan metode kualitatif. Dan dari hasil penelitian kali ini kami dapat menempatkan narasumber berdasarkan tiga tipe posisi khalayak. Posisi dominan, posisi pembaca yang dinegosiasikan, dan posisi pembaca yang oposisi.</p> 2023-03-03T16:52:48+00:00 Copyright (c) 2023 Translitera : Jurnal Kajian Komunikasi dan Studi Media Analyze Marketing Strategies Through Instagram to Increase Sales Volume in The Bouquet Business 2023-03-04T01:36:30+00:00 Hanik Amaria <p><em>Nowadays the culture gives bouquets to special people as a form of respect, giving congratulations or gifts as a sign of affection. A bouquet can be a flower arrangement, snack or item that is liked by the recipient that is assembled very beautifully so as to make the recipient flattered and happy. The purpose of this study is to find out how the marketing strategy through Instagram to increase the sales volume of bouquets flowers on The results showed that the 4P marketing strategy, namely Product, Price, Promotion and Place carried out by the owner through his Instagram account, is very complete and attractive. Information about products by uploading various variations of bouquets with interesting captions, always updating reels and IG stories and providing give away makes potential consumers feel interested in becoming followers and buying products made so that it shows a very significant increase in sales volume.</em></p> 2023-03-03T00:00:00+00:00 Copyright (c) 2023 Translitera : Jurnal Kajian Komunikasi dan Studi Media Konvergensi Siaran “Dialog Sehat” di Lembaga Penyiaran Publik Lokal (LPPL) Radio Persada FM Blitar 2023-03-08T01:30:18+00:00 Risma Erina A'ini Harliantara Harliantara <p><em>The current development of communication and information technology has affected the broadcasting world and has brought about a new phenomenon of convergence. Convergence is not unavoidable by Computer Mediated Communication or CMC. The purpose of this research is to find out of Transmission Convergence Interactive Health Dialogue “Healthy Dialogue” at Local Public Broadcasting Institute (LPPL) Radio Persada FM. The research used qualitative research methods. This research's findings demonstrate that prior to Convergence, Broadcast “Healthy Dialogue” At Local Public Broadcasting Institute Radio Persada FM Blitar only relied on Audio, but it may also be seen, making the message more engaging for audiences and producers. Local Public Broadcasting Institute (LPPL) Radio Persada FM Blitar used 9 characteristics of Computer Mediated Communication (CMC), The theory formulated by Roger (1986: 21) as CMC is more accessible, documented, and existing, it can be used as a method for retaining listeners.</em></p> 2023-03-04T00:00:00+00:00 Copyright (c) 2023 Translitera : Jurnal Kajian Komunikasi dan Studi Media The Role of the Office of Cooperatives and Micro-Enterprises in the Development of Micro-Enterprises in Tulungagung Regency during the Pandemic 2023-03-24T06:34:12+00:00 Dwi Iriani Margayaningsih <p>During this pandemic, micro-enterprises nationally, especially in Tulungagung Regency, did not develop rapidly. In situations like this, the role of the cooperative service is very decisive for MSMEs to continue to exist. In accordance with the objectives, the research used is qualitatively descriptive with interactive model analysis techniques, namely reducing data, presenting data and drawing conclusions. The results of the analysis identified nine roles for developing micro-enterprises in the Tulungagung area that were carried out well. MSME Entrepreneurs were able to add creativity to their products so that these products had their own added value. In the field of marketing and product development. MSME actors are assisted by the presence of PLUT (Integrated Business Service Center). While inhibiting factors such as sometimes development training participants are not in line with the expertise they have, lack of manpower for the MSME development and empowerment division, lack of maximum post-training coaching.</p> 2023-03-08T00:00:00+00:00 Copyright (c) 2023 Translitera : Jurnal Kajian Komunikasi dan Studi Media Peran Aliansi Masyarakat Adat Nusantara (AMAN) dalam Pencegahan Covid-19 di Wilayah Masyarakat Adat 2023-03-09T12:30:54+00:00 Fatimah Fatimah <p><em>The role of the Indigenous Peoples Alliance Archipelago (AMAN) in overcoming Covid-19 in the territory of indigenous peoples is very large, it can be seen from the various strategies carried out by AMAN hand in hand to strive for various ways to deal with COVID-19 in indigenous peoples. The results of AMAN's research help deal with the pandemic by establishing a Covid-19 task force in indigenous territories, guarding the borders of indigenous villages, distributing masks and socializing to indigenous peoples how to transmit the Covid-19 virus, spraying disinfectants and providing knowledge of food security in the midst of this pandemic. However, on the other hand, indigenous peoples have their own way of dealing with this pandemic, namely with local wisdom that has been passed down from their ancestors centuries ago, this method is more trusted by indigenous peoples in dealing with disasters such as the Covid-19 pandemic.</em></p> 2023-03-08T00:00:00+00:00 Copyright (c) 2023 Translitera : Jurnal Kajian Komunikasi dan Studi Media Analysis of the Effect of Games the Sims as an Attitude Change to Millennial Generations 2023-03-30T04:08:36+00:00 Kartika Sarinta Albert Octavio Setiawan Indira Gayatri Astriandifa <p><em>Video games or online games have appeared in Indonesia since 2001. Since then, video games have grown rapidly and are in great demand. One of them is The Sims, a simulation game of daily activities in great demand by Indonesian people. The purpose of this study is to analyse changes in the behavior of the millennial generation with the emergence of the sims game. This study used a qualitative descriptive approach and conducted interviews with four informants using focus group discussion interviews as a data collection method. Using Perloff (2017), it can be concluded that this research provides a persuasive effect on players so as to create changes in behavior in terms of developing creativity and ideas that arise in the minds of players, there are changes in playing time, style of appearance, makeup, and emotional players.</em></p> 2023-03-30T04:08:36+00:00 Copyright (c) 2023 Translitera : Jurnal Kajian Komunikasi dan Studi Media Komunikasi Musik: Hubungan Erat Antara Komunikasi dengan Musik 2023-04-13T08:25:28+00:00 Sihabuddin Sihabuddin Andri Astuti Itasari Dewi Maria Herawati Haryo Kusumo Aji <p>Penelitian ini membahas tentang hubungan erat antara komunikasi dan musik dengan menggunakan metode penelitian studi pustaka yang mana peneliti menelaah, mengeksplorasi dan mengolah berbagai pustaka yang terkait dengan komunikasi dan musik. Hasil penelitian ini menunjukan bahwasanya musik adalah bagian dari komunikasi karena salah satu fungsi musik sebagai media komunikasi dan bisa dikatakan pula bahwasanya komunikasi bagian dari musik karena tujuan orang menyajikan musik untuk berkomunikasi dengan orang lain. Beberapa contoh hubungan erat antara komunikasi dengan musik di antaranya; <em>Pertama,</em>saat seseorang sedang menyanyikan sebuah lagu maka orang tersebut berperan sebagai komunikator yang menginformasikan perasaanya kepada pendengarnya sebagai komunikan. <em>Kedua, </em>penggunaan musik sebagai media komunikasi terkadang memberikan kesan tersendiri di hati pendengarnya sehingga komunikasi menjadi lebih bermakna. <em>Ketiga, </em>musik menjadi identitas budaya karena dibawakan oleh penyanyi populer yang merepresentasikan budayanya.</p> 2023-03-30T04:10:20+00:00 Copyright (c) 2023 Translitera : Jurnal Kajian Komunikasi dan Studi Media The Relations of Putri Tanjung as an Influencer and Brand Awareness “Ngobrol Sore Semaunya” Programme 2023-03-30T04:11:25+00:00 Marshelia Billy Alexander Albert Octavio Setiawan <p><em>The more technology develops, the more a company's marketing strategy will develop, for example, influencers use. Ngobrol Sore Semaunya (NSS) is CXO Media's brand that presents content by exploring the inspiring stories of a famous figure. NSS's host is Putri Tanjung, and she is a presidential special staff, entrepreneur, and influencer. Therefore, this study aims to examine the strength of the relationship and the significance of the relationship between Putri Tanjung as an influencer and NSS' brand awareness. The theory used in this study is a two-step flow of communication, and the method used is quantitative by distributing questionnaires. The population of this study is 25,000 followers of NSS's Instagram. The sample is 100 people, which is selected through simple random sampling. The result showed a high relationship with positive direction relation between Putri Tanjung as an influencer and NSS brand awareness.</em></p> 2023-03-30T04:11:25+00:00 Copyright (c) 2023 Translitera : Jurnal Kajian Komunikasi dan Studi Media Analisis Strategi Inovasi AVAC pada Determinasi Green City Branding 2023-03-31T11:56:46+00:00 Ferida Asih Wiludjeng Eli Marliana <p>Ruang Terbuka Hijau (RTH) di Wlingi mempunyai luas kurang lebih sekitar 1990 meter persegi atau 2 hektar yang dibagi menjadi dua belahan yaitu sebelah barat menjadi hutan kota dan sebelah timur menjadi taman kota yang perlu terus dilakukan revitalisasi. Tujuan penelitian ini yaitu menemukan dan menjelaskan pengaruh variabel Ruang Terbuka Hijau berpengaruh terhadap <em>City Branding</em> dan strategi AVAC. Penelitian ini mempergunakan metode pendekatan kuantitatif, <em>purposive sampling</em> digunakan dalam pengambilan sampel, dengan 100 responden dan Smart PLS 3.00 sebagai alat analisa datanya. Penelitian menunjukkan adanya hubungan antara Modal Sosial yang berpengaruh terhadap <em>Brand City</em>, Ruang Terbuka Hijau memiliki pengaruh kepada <em>Brand City</em>, Ruang Terbuka Hijau terdapat pengaruh kepada Modal Sosial, Ruang Terbuka Hijau berpengaruh terhadap Usaha Kecil Menengah, Usaha Kecil Menengah tidak berpengaruh terhadap <em>Brand City</em> dan Usaha Kecil Menengah berpengaruh Modal Sosial.</p> 2023-03-31T11:56:46+00:00 Copyright (c) 2023 Translitera : Jurnal Kajian Komunikasi dan Studi Media War on Twitter as a Digital Marketing Communication Strategy 2023-03-31T14:10:24+00:00 Khairunnisa Nurul Azizah Marfa Aully Naufal Dhiya Ulhaq Carlos Dewa Salim Sandy Afla <p><em>War on Twitter is a type of social network that is closely related to word-of-mouth marketing communication strategies. The war over #StopLyingDocmart which was popular on 13-16 May 2022 had a good image impact on Dr Martens or Docmart shoe products. This study analyzes social networks and interactions formed through Twitter regarding Docmart products.</em></p> 2023-03-31T14:10:23+00:00 Copyright (c) 2023 Translitera : Jurnal Kajian Komunikasi dan Studi Media Analysis Determinant Sustainable Competitive Advantage Quality Product 2023-04-01T10:26:38+00:00 Indria Guntarayana <p><em>Departure with the aim of analyzing, knowing and explaining the business implications of Determinant Competitive Quality Products in the welding workshop business in Blitar Regency. Product quality is a concern for companies if the products produced want to remain competitive in the market. This study used a mixed-method. The results show that product quality affects innovation, innovation affects competitive advantage, products affect trust, trust has a weak effect on competitive advantage, innovation has a significant effect on sustainable competitive advantage and is structured in an AVAC strategy formulation, <strong>Activities</strong> carried out by the welding workshop business are producing quality products, <strong>Value Component</strong> in this welding workshop business there are several dominant values, namely product quality, innovation and competitive advantage, <strong>Appropriability</strong> in the welding workshop business pays attention to product quality, innovation, trust, <strong>Change</strong> is the creation of the characteristics of the resulting product.</em></p> 2023-03-31T00:00:00+00:00 Copyright (c) 2023 Translitera : Jurnal Kajian Komunikasi dan Studi Media