Jurnal Supremasi 2020-01-29T03:53:30+00:00 Editor Jurnal SUPREMASI Open Journal Systems <p>Jurnal SUPREMASI diterbitkan oleh Fakultas Hukum</p> <p>Universitas Islam Balitar (UNISBA) Blitar</p> Penerapan Penggunaan Irah-Irah “Demi Keadilan Berdasarkan Ketuhanan Yang Maha Esa” dalam Konteks Pencapaian Keadilan 2019-10-22T12:27:08+00:00 Samuel Saut Martua Samosir <p><em>It is required that every head of the verdict has specific nomenclature “On behalf of Justice in the name of one and only God” which entrenched in Article 197 paragraph 1of the Criminal Code Procedure. The head of the verdict stressed that there is a word of justice based on the one and only God which has the main purpose is for the court examination in order to pursue justice, but there is a problem when the contents of the ruling did not provide justice for the prosecuted party, it can be indicated that the case filed to the appeal court by parties whose refuse the decision. According to the legal issues there exist the new paradigm to the concept of the head of the verdict which states“On behalf of Justice in the name of one and only God” only for decisions that have permanent legal force, this is an effort to achieve procedural justice and moral Justice</em></p> 2019-09-24T14:09:13+00:00 Copyright (c) 2019 Jurnal Supremasi Pelaksanaan Pasal 280 Undang-Undang Republik Indonesia Nomor 7 Tahun 2017 tentang Pemilihan Umum 2019-10-22T12:27:08+00:00 Abdul Hakam Sholahuddin Anik Iftitah Uun Dewi Mahmudah <p><em>Potential for Election violations is prone to occur in the campaign stage as a moment for the Election Contestants in the 2019 Election to introduce themselves to the public to be elected. Considering this, the empirical legal research "Implementation of Article 280 of the Law of the Republic of Indonesia Number 7 of 2017 concerning General Elections" with research sites in Blitar Regency becomes urgent to be examined as a reflection of the quality of the implementation of Indonesian Elections in the regions.</em> <em>The discovery of thousands of campaign props in prohibited places in the implementation of the campaign stages in Blitar Regency should be regulated following statutory regulations</em></p> 2019-09-24T14:09:39+00:00 Copyright (c) 2019 Jurnal Supremasi Evaluasi Implementasi Kebijakan Publik terhadap Peraturan Daerah Bermasalah 2019-10-22T12:27:08+00:00 Femmy Silaswaty Faried Suparwi . <p><em>Evaluation of the implementation of public policy coming out of a regulation of the problematic area, it is possible to study whether a policy that comes out is appropriate for the implementation of a local regulation that has not been And in this case according to researchers is a regional regulation which also goes into problematic category. The problem of the problematic area of the researcher is not only because the regulation of the area is contrary to higher regulations, nor because the local regulation violates the norms of morality, but for researchers Local regulations are also included if the rules are not applicative, so it requires further rules to be applicative to the local regulations.</em></p> 2019-09-24T14:10:58+00:00 Copyright (c) 2019 Jurnal Supremasi Political Will sebagai Strategi Mengelola Pedagang Kaki Lima (PKL) di Kota Surakarta 2020-01-29T03:53:30+00:00 Wahyu Beny Mukti Setiyawan Suharno . Widiatama . <p style="margin: 0cm; margin-bottom: .0001pt; text-align: justify; text-indent: 21.3pt;">Penelitian ini bertujuan untuk mengetahui faktor-faktor apa saja yang menjadi kendala dalam mengefektifkan Peraturan Daerah Kota Surakarta Nomor 3 Tahun 2008 tentang Pengelolaan Pedagang Kaki Lima (PKL) di Kota Surakarta dan bagaimana mengefektifkan Peraturan Daerah tersebut. Implikasi dari penelitian ini adalah untuk menciptakan efektivitas sebuah kebijakan diperlukan kerjasama yang baik (sinergitas) antara para penegak hukum dan juga pemerintah. Selain itu juga harus melibatkan peran serta dari masyarakat, baik masyarakat umum dan khususnya para PKL. Keberhasilan penataan PKL di Kota Surakarta dipengaruhi oleh faktor peran Walikota dalam mengkomunikasikan kebijakan (<em>political will</em>) yang akan diambilnya.</p> 2019-09-24T14:11:35+00:00 Copyright (c) 2019 Jurnal Supremasi Tinjauan Yuridis Penyelesaian Kredit Macet pada Bank Perkreditan Rakyat Berkah Pakto Kediri, Jawa Timur 2019-10-22T12:27:08+00:00 Pitono . Weppy Susetiyo <p><em>One of the efforts of the Rural Bank (BPR) based on Article 13 of the Republic of Indonesia Law Number 10 of 1998 concerning Banking is to provide credit. But in credit matters, especially in the BPR </em><em>Berkah Pakto</em><em>, it does not always run smoothly. Bad credit, becoming one type of non-performing loans with the largest amount in this BPR. Through sociological (juridical-empirical) juridical research at BPR </em><em>Berkah Pakto </em><em>Kandangan-Kab. Kediri, East Java, the research results are obtained that the factors that cause the occurrence of bad credit in BPR </em><em>Berkah Pakto </em><em>consist of factors originating from customers (debtors), factors originating from BPR </em><em>Berkah Pakto</em><em>, and other party factors. The process of settling bad debts at the Perkreditan Rakyat Berkah Pakto Bank optimizes non-legal channels to be able to settle its obligations.</em></p> 2019-09-24T14:12:08+00:00 Copyright (c) 2019 Jurnal Supremasi Konsep Pembagian Harta Bersama Akibat Perceraian dalam Perkawinan Siri 2019-10-22T12:27:08+00:00 Nourma Dewi Raharno . <p>Marriage registration is still limited to the existence recognized by the state is not the main condition of the legality of the marriage. In practice, many sirri marriages occur in the community and such marriages sometimes do not achieve the goal of a happy and everlasting marriage that causes divorce. The problem that needs to be examined is the divorce from the <em>sirri</em> marriage how the concept of division of shared assets. This research uses normative research methods. KHI regulates the determination of marriage by the court or itsbat marriage. After the stipulation results in the enactment of the law of joint sharing as regulated in Article 37 of the UUP and Article 97 of KHI.</p> 2019-09-24T14:12:34+00:00 Copyright (c) 2019 Jurnal Supremasi