Jurnal Qua Teknika 2024-04-15T02:18:29+00:00 Editor jurnal QUATEKNIKA Open Journal Systems <div class="row"> <div class="col-sm-6 col-md-12"> <div class="img-responsive">Memuat artikel hasil penelitian dan kajian kritis bidang ilmu-ilmu teknik, terapan, rekayasa, dan aplikasinya. teknik elektro: arus kuat, arus lemah, hardware, software, instrumen dan kontrol; terknik sipil: material bangunan, manajemen kontruksi, transportasi, struktur dan keairan.</div> </div> </div> SMKN 2 SURABAYA SEBAGAI PENYEDIA JASA PERHITUNGAN RENCANA ANGGARAN BIAYA (RAB) 2024-04-07T02:26:29+00:00 Retno Sri Herdianti Yunaidi Supriyanto <p><em>The entrepreneurial product that will be discussed in this article is BoQ (Bill of Quantity). BoQ is a calculation or cost estimate used to build a project. The RAB contains wage prices, material prices, equipment rental prices, and other budgets for the construction of the project. BoQ is a plan for estimating the construction costs of a project. BoQ is created before the project is carried out. The purpose of making a BoQ is to (1) calculate the overall costs starting from wages, materials, equipment and other additions in detail, (2) The owner knows the costs that will be incurred so that he can estimate the funds he has to build a project carefully and efficiently, (3) obtain data on the amount of material that will be used in the construction of the project. SMK Negeri 2 Surabaya produces graduates who are competent and ready to work as estimators. This is supported by SMK Negeri 2 Surabaya which has a complete engineering laboratory as well as qualified human resources for teachers and educational staff. The methods used in implementing the BoQ calculation service entrepreneurship program include preparation, market research and product formulation, and marketing strategies.</em></p> 2024-03-31T00:00:00+00:00 Copyright (c) 2024 Jurnal Qua Teknika USAHA PELATIHAN KETERAMPILAN DI BIDANG PEKERJAAN KAYU SEBAGAI UPAYA KEBERMANFAATAN ALAT DI SMKN SURABAYA 2024-04-07T02:34:43+00:00 Dyah Ayu Pangastuti Ardiani Andang Widjaya Yunaidi Supriyanto Yunaidi Supriyanto <p><em>Basically every human being has the opportunity to become an entrepreneur. Likewise for vocational school students, they are educated to be able to enter directly into the world of work as employees or entrepreneurs. As students in the building sector, this furniture business can become a business field for students after being given technopreneur training and how to work wood. Later, it is hoped that students will be able to develop their potential and create jobs for other people. Utilizing tools and materials that are rarely used for the purpose of creating special extracurricular activities for students who have an interest in becoming technopreneurs will be an added value when students graduate and create additional skills that can become a selling point in the industrial world.</em></p> <p><strong>&nbsp;</strong></p> 2024-03-31T00:00:00+00:00 Copyright (c) 2024 Jurnal Qua Teknika ANALYSIS OF MODE SELECTION OF PASSENGER TRANSPORTATION BETWEEN BUS AND TRAIN ON THE MALANG-SURABAYA ROUTE (CASE STUDY OF PATAS BUS AND JAYABAYA RAIL) 2024-04-02T13:05:13+00:00 M. Sadillah - Rifky Aldila Primasworo Flafianus Egar <p>Several modes transportation that developing at this time include the Patas Bus and Jayabaya Train which serve Malang-Surabaya route. In this study, &nbsp;authors conducted an analysis people's reasons for choosing the mode transportation between Patas Bus and Jayabaya Train malang - Surabaya. The this study was to determine the characteristics and &nbsp;modes transportation. Then we get the difference between Travel Expenses (∆X1) = U<sub>BUS</sub>-U<sub>KA</sub> = 20.509-0.196 , Difference in Travel Time (∆X2) = U<sub>BUS</sub>-U<sub>KA</sub> = 17.167-2.020, Difference in Travel Frequency (∆X3) = U<sub>BUS</sub> - U<sub>KA</sub> = 19.772 - 2.011 , Access Time Difference (∆X4) = U<sub>BUS</sub> – U<sub>KA</sub> = 33,662 – 1,136.</p> 2024-03-31T00:00:00+00:00 Copyright (c) 2024 Jurnal Qua Teknika ESTIMATING GROUND WATER LEVEL USING THE ELKTROMAGNET METHOD 2024-04-02T13:09:31+00:00 Gregorius Aryoko Gautama Dandung Novianto Agus Suhardono <p>Landslides and moving land occurred in Brau Village, Gunungsari, Batu, East Java in 2022 caused by soil that was saturated with water. The state of water saturation is caused by high rainfall, causing a lot of water trapped below the surface. The Gunungsari One-Roof School and the hill in Brau Village, Gunungsari, Batu, East Java experienced moving soil, causing one of the buildings in the elementary school to be damaged. This study aims to estimate the depth of the groundwater table in the area that landslides. The method used is the electromagnet method which utilizes electromagnets to detect water, soil, and rocks. Interpretation of field data based on type resistance is generally done by analyzing the physical properties of rocks, namely type resistance, porosity, rock permeability, mineral content, water presence, weathering, fracturing, and others. The trajectories in the study were T1, T2, T3, and T4. Track length T1=42m, track T2=44m, track T3=36m and track T4=30m. The distance between the tracks T1-T2=117m, T2-T3=20m, and T3-T4=55 m. The depth of the groundwater table in the T1 track is 90m with a groundwater thickness of 15m. The T2 track is a groundwater table at a depth of 10m with a thickness of 50m and a depth of 90m with a thickness of 210m. The T3 track depth of the groundwater table at 65m with a thickness of 235m. The depth of the groundwater table in the T4 track is 195m with a thickness of 60m. T2 and T3 trajectories, shallow groundwater depth, and very thick groundwater thickness are the causes of landslides. The relocation of Sekolah Satu Atap Gunungsari is one option if you look at the data obtained and the nature of the soil, the research location is immediately relocated, otherwise, when entering the rainy season, the volume of water stored in the soil is getting thicker and the depth of the aquifer is increasing.</p> 2024-03-31T00:00:00+00:00 Copyright (c) 2024 Jurnal Qua Teknika PEMETAAN POTENSI UNGGULAN INDUSTRI RUMAH TANGGA (HOME INDUSTRY) DI DESA JEDONG KABUPATEN MALANG 2024-04-02T13:13:30+00:00 Rifky Aldila Primasworo Rifky Pamela Dinar Rahma Eva Ayu Lestari <p>Jedong Village has quite a number of home industries that have the potential to be able to compete outside the village area. There are several home industries that require special development according to the needs and conditions, especially to strengthen the identity of each Jedong village home industry. This home industry also faces several problems, namely the absence of a logo on home industry products, packaging designs for plastic and wrapping paper, business cards that can be given to customers, business banners at production sites. The purpose of this study was to find out the strategy for increasing the superior potential of home industries in Jedong Village, Malang Regency. The method used in this research is SWOT analysis, which is a strategic planning method used to evaluate strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats in a business. The results of the SWOT analysis based on the calculation of the IFAS and EFAS tables. The strategy that must be implemented is to support fast growth policies. Stable Growth Strategy is a strategy to maintain existing growth.</p> <p>Keywords: <strong><em>Home Industry, Strategy, SWOT Analysis</em></strong></p> 2024-03-31T00:00:00+00:00 Copyright (c) 2024 Jurnal Qua Teknika ANALYSIS OF ROAD DAMAGE DETECTION USING ORTHOPHOTO MAP FROM UNMANNED AERIAL VEHICLE (UAV-PHOTOGRAMMETRY) 2024-04-15T02:09:13+00:00 Helik Susilo Martince Novianti Bani Muhammad Tri Aditya Eri Cahyani Achendri M. Kurniawan <p><em>Survey of road damage data can be conducted by the direct survey method or manual inspection, but that mothod is quite long and requires a lot of employers, so it is not effective and efficient. This research focuses on the inspection of road damage using drone technology by taking aerial photos using the UAV-Photogrammetry method. Aerial photography was carried out along the roads in the study area. The partial aerial photos are processed using image processing software to become the orthophoto map and digital elevation model (DEM). Road damage data identification was carried out by measuring the dimensions (length, width, and depth) from the orthophoto map and DEM by the visual interpretation method. The research results show that the types of road damage identified from the orthophoto map and DEM in the study area are potholes, block cracks, continuous cracks, and patches. The accuracy of the dimensions of road damage produced from the orthophoto map and DEM compared to the dimensions of road damage measured directly has different values for horizontal of 0.001 - 0.088 m and vertical of 0.010 - 0.019 m, RMSE values range from 0.005 to 0.058. The results of the t-test statistical test show that there is no significant difference between measurements of road damage dimensions from the orthophoto map and DEM and the results of direct measurements.</em></p> 2024-03-31T00:00:00+00:00 Copyright (c) 2024 Jurnal Qua Teknika PROVISION OF WORKING DRAWING DESIGN SERVICES AS THE IMPLEMENTATION OF ENTREPRENEURIAL READINESS FOR STUDENTS OF VOCATIONAL SCHOOL 2 SURABAYA DPIB DEPARTMENT 2024-04-02T13:23:27+00:00 Moh Faisal Faris Andang Widjaja Yunaidi Supriyanto <p>Developing entrepreneurial interest in vocational school students is an effort. Vocational school students are prepared to work in the industrial world. Vocational school graduates are also encouraged to become creative entrepreneurs. Students majoring in Modeling Design and Building Information, armed with the competencies they have acquired during the learning process at school, can create their own businesses. Students can play a role in running their business in the field of design as planners independently. One form of business that can be developed is a business in the field of working drawing design services. The implementation method in the design services business consists of the stages of entrepreneurship, design services, planning working drawings, including preparation stages, market research and product formulation, and marketing strategies. Every business cannot be separated from analyzing a SWOT analysis, namely finding crucial aspects of the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats experienced by a company. These four aspects are useful for increasing strengths, reducing weaknesses, building better opportunities, and avoiding threats. After carrying out a simple analysis of all aspects in accordance with SWOT, a business strategy can be taken based on the aim of optimizing opportunities from the strength aspect. The business strategy that can be implemented is to optimize opportunities through existing strengths. The strength of the design services business lies in the competency of each SMKN 2 Surabaya student as a business actor. Opportunities in the technology era must be maximized in achieving publication, promotion and dissemination of information related to the business sector. The advantage of this service business model is that it can channel interest in design into activities that generate financial profits. Business thinking must be instilled in students as potential entrepreneurs</p> 2024-03-31T00:00:00+00:00 Copyright (c) 2024 Jurnal Qua Teknika CORRELATION ANALYSIS OF MUTUAL CHECK (MC), WORK DRAWINGS AND HUMAN RESOURCES ON THE PROGRESS OF CONSTRUCTION WORK 2024-04-15T02:18:29+00:00 Nurjanah Hangga Prima Ahmad Amru Salsabil <p>The Bendo Krosok River is part of the Brantas watershed system covering an area of 568 km2. This river originates on the slopes of Mount Willis, Mojo District, Kediri Regency, which empties into the Brantas River in Prambon District, Nganjuk Regency. Most of the cliff retaining walls in Maron Village sub -district experience landslides of 30 meters with a wall height of 5 meters, the distance between the wall and the road shoulder is 3 meters and there are electricity poles and telephone poles 1 meter away from the cliff retaining wall that landslides. The condition of the subgrade plays a very important role in determining the stability of the cliff retaining wall structure, especially near the planned highway. Poor soil conditions (soft soil) from former landfill and the quality of work/subgrade materials are the main causes of damage to cliff retaining walls which are caused by shifting, overturning and subsidence of the subgrade and subgrade soil. Natural factors also influence changes in the planned level of strength of the original soil's bearing capacity. To produce ideal cliff retaining wall construction, the wall stability planning needs to be reviewed and the safety factors against sliding, overtuning and decline must be sufficient and The soil pressure that occurs in the foundation soil must not exceed the permitted bearing capacity. The design of the cliff retaining wall structure is planned to be safe against shifting, overturning and collapse of the soil's bearing capacity. The dimensions of the new river bank retaining wall and the author are larger than the dimensions of the old wall and the soil bearing capacity value SPT 10 - 30 is obtained at a depth of 4.00 - 20.00 m, which includes Slightly Dense / Firm - Very Stiff Soil and walls This cliff barrier cannot be designed with a shallow foundation, there are no piles so it experiences sliding and overturning but must be designed with a deep foundation and the addition of piles as reinforcement. The results of stability calculations for both shear and overturning on the retaining walls of the Bendo Krosok river cliffs for</p> 2024-03-31T00:00:00+00:00 Copyright (c) 2024 Jurnal Qua Teknika CONVEYOR BELT DAN ALAT PENGHITUNG OTOMATIS BERBASIS ARDUINO NANO MENGGUNAKAN SENSOR INFRAMERAH PADA PRODUKSI ROTI TAWAR 2024-04-07T03:11:28+00:00 Mukhlison Sri Widoretno Ava Muhamad Alsa Fahri Mahardika <p><em>Bread is a staple food that is often consumed by Indonesian people and is made from wheat flour. In Indonesia, there are many small-scale bakery industries that continue to thrive despite the economic crisis. Seeing the rapid development of the bakery industry, product innovation is needed to improve business. One of them is making bread products with various variations. Not only that, bread industry entrepreneurs must know the latest trends and technology so they can adapt to current developments. Production of bread in large quantities means that bread calculations require a fast time, so producers must have tools that can increase effectiveness in production. Manufacturers need tools to count hundreds, thousands or even millions of goods. So this final project will design a conveyor belt and automatic counting device based on Arduino Nano using infrared sensors for the production of white bread. This prototype utilizes Arduino Nano and Arduino Nano components, Servo Motor, Ultrasonic Sensor, 20 x 4 LCDD, and a drive system in the form of a conveyor. It was then concluded that with this tool, the effectiveness of calculating bread production would increase, and shorten the time for producers and workers in calculating the amount of product produced.</em></p> 2024-03-31T00:00:00+00:00 Copyright (c) 2024 Jurnal Qua Teknika PERANCANGAN DAN PEMBUATAN ALAT SANGRAI KOPI OTOMATIS MENGGUNAKAN ARDUINO UNO DILENGKAPI DENGAN TIMER 2024-04-07T03:27:19+00:00 Alvin <p><em>Kedawung Village is one of the villages that produces coffee with traditional processing. This process has several disadvantages, including requiring a lot of labor because the coffee must be constantly stirred, and the processing process takes a long time. To overcome this problem, researchers developed an automatic coffee bean roaster based on Arduino Uno. This tool is designed to produce coffee with traditional flavors but with a modern, practical, and economical roasting system. The purpose of this research is to develop the design of an automatic coffee bean roaster based on Arduino Uno. Knowing the working system of the Arduino Uno-based automatic coffee bean roaster. The development of an Arduino-based automatic coffee bean roaster consists of two main components, namely hardware development and software development. The working system of this tool still uses a combination of a heating system using a portable stove and a roasting system, with temperature control using an automation system. With this tool, it is expected that the process of roasting coffee beans can become more efficient and practical, so as to improve the quality of coffee production in Kedawung village and reduce the workload of coffee farmers in the processing process.</em></p> 2024-03-31T00:00:00+00:00 Copyright (c) 2024 Jurnal Qua Teknika