Konstruktivisme : Jurnal Pendidikan dan Pembelajaran 2022-07-06T17:51:29+07:00 Devita Sulistiana Open Journal Systems <p><strong>Konstruktivisme: Jurnal Pendidikan dan Pembelajaran</strong> published by Universitas Islam Balitar which concerns on the educational issues. <strong>Konstruktivisme: Jurnal Pendidikan dan Pembelajaran </strong>has been indexed in: Sinta, Google Scholar, Indonesia OneSearch, Moraref, OCLC Worldcat.</p> <p>&nbsp;</p> MAKNA SIMBOLIK PADA PIRANTI TRADISI NYADRAN BUMI DESA SONGOWARENG KECAMATAN BLULUK KABUPATEN LAMONGAN SEBAGAI REFERENSI PENDIDIKAN BUDAYA LOKAL 2022-07-06T17:51:29+07:00 Udin Erawanto <p>The purpose of the study was to identify the symbolic meaning of the uborampe tools in ambeng, cok akan and gending-gending for the tradition of salvation nyadran earth in Songowareng Village, Bluluk District, Lamongan Regency as a reference for local cultural education. The data collection uses the method of observation, in-depth interviews and documentation. The main instrument is a researcher with camera, tape recorder and writing instruments. Selection of resource persons using purposive sampling technique. The data analysis used ethnographic analysis technique developed by James P. Spradley. The results of the study: 1) uborampe ambeng tools in the form of white rice, ingkung rooster, banana rojo sesisir, serundeng, jajan pasar, and one hundred coins, 2) uborampe cok tools in the form of takir, hide and seek, merang, ordered to be tied by lawe, red onions and garlic, candlenut, chicken eggs, and roses. 3) seven sacred gendings, namely eling-eling, rangu-rangu, gonggo mino, genderuwo momong, boar strike, bondo boyo and gending angkleng. Each device in ambeng and cok akan, as well as cute in gending is a symbol that has meaning for reference to local cultural education.</p> 2022-01-18T07:48:58+07:00 Copyright (c) 2022 Konstruktivisme : Jurnal Pendidikan dan Pembelajaran PENGEMBANGAN MODUL PEMBELAJARAN BERBASIS PROJECT BASED LEARNING UNTUK MEMBANTU MENINGKATKAN BERFIKIR KREATIF MAHASISWA 2022-07-06T17:51:07+07:00 Miranu Triantoro <p>The research objective is to describe a project-based learning module that can help improve students' creative thinking. The module development uses Thiagarajan and Semmel 4D models, but only 3D is used, namely definition, design, and development. Dissemination is not carried out because it does not aim to generalize. The target of product trials for students of UNIPA Campus PPKn Blitar class 2018/2019. The data recording instruments used validation sheets, observation sheets, teaching materials mastery tests, and student response questionnaires. Data analysis used descriptive qualitative and descriptive statistical analysis. The results of the study (1) based on the criteria that have been set, all instruments meet the validity (2) the practicality of the module with the implementation aspect of the module reaches a score of 79.65% in the good category (3) lecturer activities in learning reach a score of 85.06% in the active category (4) Judging from the aspect of the effectiveness of the module with indicators of learning completeness reaching a score of 92.27% it is said to be complete, student activities reaching a score of 78.17% are in the active category. Student responses to the use of the module reached a score of 1.68% giving a positive response. The indicator states that this PBL module has met the valid, practical and effective requirements.</p> 2022-01-18T07:50:01+07:00 Copyright (c) 2022 Konstruktivisme : Jurnal Pendidikan dan Pembelajaran PENGEMBANGAN MEDIA PEMBELAJARAN PERMAINAN ULAR TANGGA BIOLOGI PADA MATERI KLASIFIKASI MAKHLUK HIDUP KELAS VII 2022-07-06T17:50:45+07:00 Marhaeni Marhaeni Nurmiati Nurmiati Maya Ekaningtiyas <p>The purpose of this study was to test the feasibility of developing learning media for the snake and ladder game on the classification of living things. The development is carried out using the ADDIE development model only in three stages, namely analysis, design, and development. Learning media was developed and tested on class VII students of MTs Darussholihin NW Kalijaga. The object of this research is the snake and ladder game learning media and was validated by three validators. Based on the results of validation and testing on students, the average percentage of eligibility is 93%. The results of this study indicate that the learning media developed is suitable to be used as a medium to support the learning process, especially in the material classification of living things.</p> 2022-01-19T17:11:20+07:00 Copyright (c) 2022 Konstruktivisme : Jurnal Pendidikan dan Pembelajaran PENGEMBANGAN PETUNJUK PEMBUATAN TEMPE DENGAN BAHAN BAKU KACANG HIJAU (Vigna radiate L.) DAN KACANG MERAH (Phaseolus vulgaris L.) 2022-07-06T17:50:21+07:00 Siti Rauhun Faizah Zulkarnain Gazali <p>The purpose of this research is to produce instructions for making tempeh with green beans and red beans that are suitable for use. Instructions for making tempeh were developed using the Thiagarajan 4D model reference. This research only uses 3 stages of development, namely define, design, and develop. The results of the validation and the results of field trials indicate that the instructions for making tempeh with raw materials of green beans and red beans are very feasible to use. Based on the results of the research, it can be said that product development in the form of instructions for making tempeh with raw materials of green beans and red beans is feasible.</p> 2022-01-20T11:08:02+07:00 Copyright (c) 2022 Konstruktivisme : Jurnal Pendidikan dan Pembelajaran IMPLEMENTASI PEMBELAJARAN INKUIRI ONLINE DENGAN LEMBAR KERJA PESERTA DIDIK ELEKTRONIK (E-LKPD) UNTUK MELATIHKAN KETERAMPILAN BERPIKIR KRITIS MATERI FAKTOR LAJU REAKSI 2022-07-06T17:49:58+07:00 Muhamad Bagus Tri Laksono Dian Novita <p>The purpose of this research is to implement the implementation of online inquiry learning syntax and train students' critical thinking skills on the reaction rate factor material. The research method is observation and test with the type of research that is pre-experimental design using model one group pretest-posttest. The research subjects were 18 students of XI MIPA 5 at SMAN 1 Gedangan. This study uses a random sampling technique with data collection techniques namely observation data and test data. Analysis of research data was carried out quantitatively and statistically based on the instrument data of pretest-posttest test sheets and syntax implementation sheets. Statistical analysis with paired samples t-test with normality test as a prerequisite test. The results of the study were 1) The critical thinking skills of students increased as indicated by the value of Sig. (2-tailed) &lt; 0.05 which indicates a difference significant in pretest-posttest scores 2) The implementation of online inquiry learning is indicated by a percentage of 94.44% in learning I and 97.22% in learning II, so it can be stated that students' critical thinking skills can be trained with an online inquiry learning model.</p> 2022-01-22T08:54:10+07:00 Copyright (c) 2022 Konstruktivisme : Jurnal Pendidikan dan Pembelajaran EFEKTIVITAS PENGGUNAAN MEDIA WAYANG BEBER KREASI TERHADAP KEMAMPUAN BERCERITA SISWA 2022-07-06T17:49:37+07:00 Misbah Arwani Rifa Suci Wulandari <p>This research was conducted to determine the effectiveness use of wayang beber creation media on group B students’ storytelling ability at PAUD Merak Ponorogo in 2020. The research design used was experimental research in the form of Quasi Experimental Design. The data collection techniques used in this study were observation and documentation. The research instruments used were observation and documentation guidelines. To test the research hypothesis, the data analysis technique used was t-test. Before the t-test is carried out, the prerequisite tests were the normality and homogeneity tests. Based on the data analysis test carried out with the help of SPSS 18, the significance value (2-tailed) was 0.001 &lt;0.05, then H<sub>0</sub> was rejected and H<sub>a</sub> was accepted. The results of testing these data indicated that the use of wayang beber creation media was effective for students' storytelling ability. In related to the research result, teachers are suggested to use wayang beber creation media as one of effective learning tools to increase students’ storytelling ability.</p> 2022-01-29T04:57:45+07:00 Copyright (c) 2022 Konstruktivisme : Jurnal Pendidikan dan Pembelajaran REVITALISASI MADRASAH IBTIDAIYAH: STUDI DESKRIPTIF PADA AL-ITTIHAD DARU INDAH JAMBE TANGERANG 2022-07-06T17:49:15+07:00 Ahmad Akso Abdur Rouf Khaerul Wahidin Muhammad Azka Maulana <p>The ethnographic and religious-based school model is the right step and in accordance with the cultural, customary and religious background of the community. Therefore, the purpose of this study is to describe the concept of Madrasas Ibdidaiyah related to the existence of local schools in the midst of modern schools. This research was conducted at Madrasas Al-Ittihad Daru Indah Jambe-Tangerang. This study uses a qualitative approach with descriptive methods. The results of the study indicate that the Al-Ittihad Islamic educational institution is running well and needs to be maintained and certainly improved, in order to face the era of globalization and science and technology as stated in the Vision of Madrasas Al-Ittihad in the form of the realization of people of faith and piety, intelligent and superior in science and technology achievements. and have the spirit of Pancasila. It can be concluded that facing the challenges of the era of Islamic educational institutions, it is necessary to prepare themselves as well as possible so that they are able to face the dynamic conditions of learning in the 21st century.</p> 2022-01-29T07:17:23+07:00 Copyright (c) 2022 Konstruktivisme : Jurnal Pendidikan dan Pembelajaran PARTISIPASI DAN KEAKTIFAN MAHASISWA PADA MATA KULIAH METODE PENELITIAN PENDIDIKAN I MENGGUNAKAN APLIKASI ZOOM MEETING 2022-07-06T17:48:54+07:00 Devita Sulistiana <p>This study aims to determine the participation and activeness of students in attending the Education Research Method 1 course using the zoom application. The research method used is descriptive qualitative method. The population of this research is FKIP UNISBA Blitar students who are active in the second semester of the academic year following the Education Research Methods 1 course, the research sample is 38 people who were taken using purposive sampling. The results of data and data analysis, it is known that student learning participation reaches 88.33% with high criteria, while student learning activities from 4 aspects, namely speaking activity, listening activity, writing activity, and mental activity with an average percentage reaching 85.35 % with high criteria. From the aspect of learning activities, it is known in detail that the speaking aspect is 81.58%, listening activity is 83.99%, writing activity is 83.55%, motor activity is 89.47%, and mental activity is 88.16%. It can be concluded that the participation and activeness of students in the Education Research Method 1 course using the zoom meeting application showed very good results. It is necessary to increase students' communication skills in providing questions and responses to show student activity during lectures.</p> 2022-01-29T12:38:03+07:00 Copyright (c) 2022 Konstruktivisme : Jurnal Pendidikan dan Pembelajaran PROGRAM GURU PENGGERAK SEBAGAI SUMBER BELAJAR 2022-07-06T17:48:32+07:00 Aiman Faiz Faridah Faridah <p>The driving teacher program is believed to be able to provide a stimulus for teachers to be able to develop better, referring to Pancasila values. The purpose of this article is to describe and explore the various concepts that form the basis of thought and main ideas in the teacher mobilization program. With this aim, the research methodology used is library research. The results of the study explain that entering the 21st century learning concept, Indonesian education needs to reconstruct the educational paradigm so that it can continue to exist in the midst of this globalized education era. The driving teacher program is one of the solutions implemented by the Minister of Education and Culture to prepare for this. The driving teacher program can develop skills for the required pedagogy, the driving teacher is also directed at managerial abilities to be able to become leaders, be it principals, supervisors or leaders in the class itself. Thus, the role of the driving teacher is one of the efforts to develop learning in the 21st century in order to produce graduates who are superior and have a student profile of Pancasila.</p> 2022-01-30T05:23:28+07:00 Copyright (c) 2022 Konstruktivisme : Jurnal Pendidikan dan Pembelajaran PERMASALAHAN PEMBELAJARAN DARING PADA MASA PANDEMI COVID–19 DI FKIP UNIVERSITAS WISNUWARDHANA MALANG 2022-07-06T17:48:08+07:00 Zaenullah Zaenullah Eko Yuniarto Khoirul Efendiy <p>The purpose of this study is to (1) find out online learning during the covid-19 pandemic at the Faculty of Teacher Training and Education, Wisnuwardhana University Malang, (2) analyze the problems faced by lecturers and students in carrying out online learning during the covid-19 pandemic, (3) Analyze and identify the consequences of the problems that exist in the implementation of online learning. The design of this research method uses a qualitative descriptive method. The design of the activity is to obtain data as it is and the results emphasize meaning. The research sample was selected purposively, selected with certain considerations and objectives. This consideration is the person who is considered to know best about what the researcher expects. The research location is in the Wisnuwardhana University FKIP environment with a length of 6 months. Data collection techniques were carried out by means of participatory observation, in-depth interviews, and documentation. Meanwhile, the data analysis used the Miles and Huberman model. The results of the study show that learning is carried out in two ways, namely blended learning and hybrid learning. Many online platforms use zoom meeting, google meet, whatsapp and google forms as task assistance. Problems that are often faced are the lack of adequate networks between students, monotonous learning variations. As a result, it reduces understanding of the material, boredom in learning, limited interaction results in students becoming less active. Unequal mastery of the material.</p> 2022-02-02T09:44:36+07:00 Copyright (c) 2022 Konstruktivisme : Jurnal Pendidikan dan Pembelajaran MEMBANGUN MINAT BUDAYA LITERASI MELALUI CIPPSI DAN MENCERAH SEBAGAI WUJUD MERDEKA BELAJAR DI SMAN 1 KADEMANGAN 2022-07-06T17:45:51+07:00 Endah Purwati <p>The purpose of this study was to inform students' interest in literacy in cipta puisi competitions (CIPPSI) and menulis cerita sejarah (MENCRAH) at SMAN 1 Kademangan to build a literacy culture. The CIPPSI competition was attended by 526 students and the BRIGHT competition was attended by 506 students. This research is a descriptive quantitative research using a survey through a questionnaire. Questionnaires are given to students after carrying out the competition by way of students being given articles for reading material and then filling out a questionnaire. 551 students have filled out the questionnaire with the results that 547 students (99%) stated that they understood the contents of the reading and were happy and 4 students (1%) did not understand the reading. 544 students (98,7%) already have plans to read again and 7 (1,3%) have no plans to read. Based on the results of the questionnaire, it is shown that the literacy culture through CIPPSI and MENCERAH has been built at SMAN 1 Kademangan as an embodiment of independent learning. The CIPPSI and MENCERAH competitions can encourage students to be free to seek ideas, and to be active outside the classroom. Collaboration in Bahasa Indonesia, Sejarah and PPKn, can be part of the literacy learning process.</p> 2022-03-20T05:49:18+07:00 Copyright (c) 2022 Konstruktivisme : Jurnal Pendidikan dan Pembelajaran